Sunday, 2 June 2013

Treat it right !

If a central heating system is not chemically treated and maintained properly, it will suffer from a build-up of sludge and limescale.The sludge is iron oxide formed through electrolytic corrosion and can seriously effect the heat transfer efficiency of the system. 

Corrosion causes !

Rapid corrosion can be caused by aeration of circulating water. Hydrogen is produced in many untreated heating systems as a result of corrosion. An inhibitor prevents corrosion and the formation of any hydrogen and bacterial gases. Bear in mind that not even water treatment can compensate for an incorrectly designed open-vent heating system.if the design is incorrect, hydraulic imbalance can occur, which can adversely affect the system's efficiency. See-sawing is one of overcoming this, where water is pumped up the feed and expansion pipe. 

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